At Sarcastic Brands, we've concocted a brew of beauty potions so luxuriously vegan, they make kale look like junk food. Sourced from the ‘too polite to brag about it’ lands of Canada, our products are more pampering than a Canadian apology and as kind as their national demeanor. So smear on our cruelty-free miracles and join the elite club of ironic beauty connoisseurs. Because nothing says 'I woke up like this' like cosmetics crafted with a side of sass and sustainability, eh?


Imagine the joy as your loved ones unbox a piece of luxury, their smiles mirroring the perfect pout of our logo. Giving Sarcastic Brands is like sending a love letter sealed with a kiss (or a hundred), no matter the celebration—because nothing says 'you're special' quite like a cruelty-free, vegan beso from Canada.


Whether it’s for the mistletoe maven at Christmas or the birthday beauty queen, Sarcastic Brands delivers the equivalent of a thousand smooches in every package. Picture this: your eco-conscious pal unwrapping a guilt-free glam kit on Earth Day, or your Valentine being greeted by a bouquet of kissable colors that last longer than chocolates and never wilt like roses. Our line doesn't just whisper 'I care'—it shouts 'I adore you' in every hue and texture.